The technical definition of crime displacement can be stated as thus: The shift of criminal behavior or criminals from one location to another as a consequence the efforts by police or authorities to prevent the various acts of crime in a particular geographic area. Even though the term and its related study are quite new, the concept has been existed since quite long. In general sense, when crimes are prevented the offenders would obviously move to areas that are vulnerable to crime.
Even though the main reason of crime displacement is considered to be, policing which is problem oriented, there are various other factors to be considered as well. One of such other reasons includes the efforts that help in community development. The criminals would definitely move to those areas, which are under-developed to continue with their offensive activities. The main concept behind this is when the motivated criminals are deterred then they would continue somewhere else. The initiatives and concept of crime displacement is a form of crime prevention as well, on a small-scale.
One of the simplest ways in crime displacement is creation of bond between the police authorities and the resident of a particular geographic locality. In order to accentuate this bond only specific police officers are assigned to those areas, so that they not only handle the criminals ruthlessly but also understand the issues and difficulties that locals face. This is done so that the authorities along with the locals can together build up a safe and crime free zone.