Holiday festivities had not yet been cleared from the Bronx River Park, when the green lawns were found to be littered with the body of Jasmine Gonzalez.

She had been stabbed many times in her torso before her body was wrapped in a sheet.  She died on the spot. Her relatives are shocked by the incident.
The park has a poor lighting system. It is often strewn with rubbish. Certain areas of the park are quite desolate and isolated. The park favors criminal activity by virtue of all this.

Gonzalez had been stabbed several times in her torso before being left in the park. Her relatives were shown a copse in a sheet soaked in blood. Gonzalez's ex-boyfriend Khiry Borden faces murder-charges.

Borden had the custody of their 2-year-old son. The son had been left with his mother for the American Independence Day celebrations. The mother, who is said to be schizophrenic, found herself deeply involved in her son.

The duo met at Gonzalez's house in the evening. They carried the baby outside since they didn't want to quarrel before the baby. They got to the park where the argument got physical.

Boden and Gonzalez had an on and off relationship for a long time since they were in high school. They even had a 2-year-old son. The baby was in custody of Gonzalez's relation because she feared Borden may harm it.

Relations between the duo were not cordial, as described by their relatives. Gonzalez is said to have a cordial nature when dealing with others.

Police officials have cordoned the area where the body was found. They even put up barriers for entry to a nearby playground.