Dylann Roof a suspect in the mass shooting confessed the crime saying that his motive for this horrific action was to start a race war.
This young man is only 21 years old and it is so devastating and sad when you see what he was capable of.
He was given a 45-caliber gun from his dad once he turned 21 in April this year. What is still unknown is whether he used it for this mass shooting or not, but his roommate said that he’s been planning this for six months.

Dalton Tyler who has spoken with Dylann said that he is not surprised because Roof said that he wanted to start a civil war and he also said that he planned to do something like this and then kill himself.

John Mullins who also knew Dylan because he went to high school with him said that Dylann always seemed so weird and at the same time wild.John added that Roof used drugs from time to time. He didn’t know exactly what he used, but he assumed that it wasn’t marijuana or something like that, but obviously something much stronger.

He also said that Dylann tend to make a lot of racist jokes, but since he was just a kid no one thought that he was actually serious about that.
Dylan definitely didn’t seem like a typical, normal kid since he really hated black people, claiming that they are taking over the world.
He thought that someone needs to stop that, because he felt like only in that way he will be able to “save” the white race.