Allegany County is being searched by police officials where convicted murderers were spotted after they have fled the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. The county is located hundreds of miles from the prison. David Sweat and Richard Matt were reportedly spotted between the towns of Amity and Friendship two weeks following their disappearance from the prison.

Despite hundreds of police officers searching for the fleeing men, so far the search has been without success. They were allegedly seen walking along a railroad track. An anonymous person called the police on Saturday afternoon. At first the police characterized the report as a “confirmed sighting” but later called it unconfirmed sighting.

The police were informed that two suspicious men were walking in Erwin, New York on Friday, while the next day somebody reported seeing them heading towards the Pennsylvania border. Interviews with the residents are being conducted in the area and experts in Albany are determining whether two men spotted on a surveillance camera were indeed the fugitives.

In relation to the story, a corrections officer has been placed on administrative leave while an inquiry is underway. Joyce Mitchell, an employee of the prison, allegedly provided Sweat and Matt with tools and was in charge of providing a getaway car for them but she got scared.