Cyprus, an island nation in the Mediterranean, is believed to have the lowest crime rate in the world. People seldom lock their doors behind themselves in
Cyrus, although an unlocked car is believed to attract a lot of attention in Cyprus. This is probably why it figures on the top of the favourite destination of European tourists. Most of the crimes perpetrated on the island nation are a result of the immigration of foreigners on its shores.

There is a social pressure of good quality education on everyone in Cyprus that pushes people away from crime. Every citizen of Cyprus seems to be happy and content with whatever he or she has achieved. This is another indication of happiness of the citizens. There is a great sense of self-honor among the people of Cyprus that keeps them away from committing crimes. A criminal climbs down the ladder of society in several ways, and the social structure in Cyprus maintains its citizens at the level they are without using illegitimate means to get more.

The only crime known to the island nation is theft. Beaches and other tourist places where there is a huge rush of people, people tend to indulge in theft. You should always take good care of your personal belongings while in Cyprus. Tourists to Cyprus might also end up being overcharged for a couple of drinks at the pub.

Illegal psychotropic drugs are sometimes smuggled across the oceans or the borders. Rather it is easy to bring drugs into Cyprus through Turkey. Most import occurs through foreign tourists. But if you get caught by the police in drug trafficking, you are likely to end up paying a huge penalty for your crime.