This law outlawed discrimination based on national origin, sex, color, race and religion and few days ago this law turned 51.
This law proved that people were not so narrow-minded after all and that they were willing to accept people who were different from them.
Still legislation left out group of people who also deserved to have rights – gay, lesbians and transgender people.
Despite numerous attempts to change something about that, it seems like Congress will not pass legislation that criminalizes any form of discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation anytime soon.

On the other hand we have a federal hate crimes law which is against killings and attacks of people just because they have different skin color or are different sexuality.
In case you didn’t know some things about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we will give you few facts about it:
The original purpose of this law was to enforce voting rights for people who have been discriminated because of their religion, skin, sex, etc.
They also wanted to give federal judges the power to punish anyone who tried to discriminate other people for being “different” from them.
The Civil Rights Act was not only good because it tried to destroy prejudice and discrimination, but it was also very helpful when it came to other laws of social equality, because it paved their way.

For example The Voting Rights of 1965, decided to prohibit literacy tests that were used in Southern states to deny black people access to the polls.