There have been so many devastating shootings throughout the world: at schools, at malls, on the streets, and not always in war-torn countries. Since Obama has been President, he has considered drastic gun control proposals that would create different guidelines for being registered as a gun dealer as well as a gun owner. The proposals also mention background checks for potential buyers too.

He has also stated that anyone who sells a certain number of guns per year, between 50 and 100 guns, would have to have a business to do so. The problem is that passing certain laws can sometimes be complicated and may be seen to trample on laws already in place.

Obama employees have not set a deadline as to when he would adopt the proposal. However, over the past two years Obama has already used his presidency to implement many other policies. While there is a tremendous amount of pressure from gun lobbyists to not pass certain proposals, President Obama is keeping up the fight for gun control. Over the past sixteen months, Obama states that he has already put some of the gun proposals into action and there is a lot more that has to be done.