USA and Canada have always collaborated to make sure that their common borders are safe,and FAST is the clear proof that this collaboration is stronger than ever. The program was designed to ensure the safety of each country while controlling and monitoring trade.

The program was especially designed to help commercial trade, and to prevent delays, as well as monitoring and stopping the movement of illegal products. In order for this to work, the authorities have to work closely with the private sector. Anyone who wants to trade between the two countries can apply for the FAST program, and this will facilitate the crossing of the border and it will offer them a faster alternative to the normal procedure.

Of course, in order for someone to apply for the FAST program, they need to pass a series of checks. This will ensure the government that this particular driver does not present any risk, and he can cross the border without too many verifications. The drivers will still need a passport, but they will save quite some time and money.

When entering Canada, the drivers can use their FAST membership card as proof of their citizenship, even in highway lanes that usually have check points. There will be no need to submit an entire file for every transaction, and if there is no problem, they wil pass the borders without too many delays or having to produce many documents.

To be eligible for the FAST membership card, the drivers need to ship their goods directly from the USA to Canada, and submit proof that their merchandise is not prohibited or subjected to release requirements by either of the two countries. To qualify for the card,  it might take a few months, but those who have used the card say that it was worth the wait.