It is weird how sometimes people can be arrested because they’ve done something completely ridiculous.
We agree that everyone should respect the law, but it doesn’t mean that you should arrest someone just because he/she has done something completely harmless.
For example Robin Lee was arrested and taken to a police because they thought that he was abstracting electricity.

He didn’t try to kill anyone or to rob anybody he only tried to charge his mobile phone on a London Overground train.
He used a plug on board so when police saw that, they immediately decided to arrest him, because they thought that Robin Lee was abstracting electricity.
When he was at the police station, police was so “nice” to him that they’ve told him that they will not charge him for “stealing” the electricity. Well the story doesn’t end right there, few seconds later they arrested him again because of his “inappropriate behavior”.

Of course Robin Lee was completely in shock once he saw what was going on and he even said that police probably didn’t have an interesting day, so that’s why they’ve decided to arrest someone just to have something amusing to do.

Lee said that once he boarded a train he realized that his battery is completely drained, so that’s why he decided to plugged in his mobile phone.
He thinks that’s it is completely insane that they have plugs on trains and then arrest you for using them.