Joe Deters, a Hamilton County Prosecutor, stated that there is no evidence of a hate crime in the attack that took place on July the 4th. Over the past few days there have been plenty of talks regarding the said attack that saw a white man being attacked by people who are suspected to be black. Many people had stated that the attack might have been racially motivated. But, indictments that were released on Wednesday did not include any intimidation charges and thus ruling out such claims.   

The attack, which took place on July 4th saw Christopher McKnight being attacked on Government Square. According to the police, the person responsible for the attacks is Mordecai Black and he is currently being pursued by the police. According to reports, the attack was a normal crime that saw Christopher McKnight losing his wallet as well as cell phone.  

While addressing the media, Deters stated that this kind of behavior is simply “unacceptable”. He went on further and stated that, “We are going to ensure that we come down hard on these individuals. You simply just can’t do this here and especially you don’t do it to the city’s police department.”

Deters also went n and stated that, even if the attack that took place on July the 4th was actually racially motivated, Ohio ethics intimidation charges are viewed as misdemeanors.