Researchers or scientists being sentenced to prison in the U.S. due to misconduct is not a common thing and thus when it happens it becomes a very big news case and point, the case that is surrounding a vaccine researcher who is being accused of fraud. 

Before the whole fraud story came to light, Dong-Pyou Han was a happy biomedical scientist at the University of Iowa, but behind the smiles and the laughs was a very wicked agenda that has ended up landing the Iowa based scientist in trouble with the law. According to reports, Dong-Pyou Han has been fabricating and falsifying various results for a period of 57 months. Some of the information that Dong-Pyou Han is accused of fabricating and falsifying include various trials of the HIV vaccine. 

In addition to being fined a total of 7.2 US million dollars, Dong-Pyou Han will also have too stayed in a supervised release for three good years after he has been released from prison. Dong-Pyou Han has been all over the news and for good reason. In addition to that, his case has also attracted the interest of very big top high figures in the U.S. including a Senator. That said, the case surrounding Dong-Pyou Han has once again brought up the issue of how such like cases in the U.S. are handled. According to some, the sentence that Dong-Pyou Han received was too harsh.