Over the years it has been a mandatory thing for women to wear the hijab and for the Iran it is a crime when a woman does not wear the hijab since 1983. According to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, women who fail to wear a hijab stand to face harsh penalties. It is approximated that 3.6 million women in Iran were warned, arrested and fine in 2014 for not wearing the hijab. 

If you are woman and does not wear the hijab you might be jailed for up to two months. “If you fail to wear a hijab then you face the possibility of being fined or even being sentenced to one day or in some cases two months imprisonment,” this is according to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. 

In Iran women who choose not wear a hijab are bound to face serious consequences something that Maish Alinejad can testify too. While speaking to Vox, Alinejad said that, “As a child a I could see the freedom that my brother had and me I didn’t … he did so many things that I was not allowed to including walking around in our farm without a head scarf something that I couldn’t do.”

Alinejad was inspired by this particular fact as well as the fact that other Muslim women in other countries have the option of deciding whether they should wear hijab be it for personal or even religious reasons. She has created a Facebook page with the title My Stealthy Freedom and she is hoping that after posting pictures of herself in which she is not wearing the hijab, then other women will follow suit.