When one person threatens to harm or actually harms another person in any way that is physical or mental in nature then it is called domestic violence. Domestic violence involves physical damage as well as harassment or stalking. Often married couples are involved in it but it can also occur in other relationships. The victims of domestic violence often suffer physical damage, trauma and emotional distress. The lives of the victims might be at stake, so a domestic violence lawyer can be of great help in this regard. 

The domestic violence lawyer will ensure in many ways that the victims who are abused of domestic violence are protected. He will know about the court proceedings and can help you in the matters of your divorce, property issues or even the custody of children if there are any. But an attorney cannot do all of this stuff alone, the victims need to give their full cooperation to the lawyer.However, you should know when you're assigning an attorney that it will be a bit expensive as the filing and court procedure costs a lot and you'll have to pay for small things as well.
The victims must also keep in mind that the attorney working on a difficult case often tends to charge a considerable amount of fees as per the situation. You need to make sure that you seek the attorney who has some experience in the cases involving domestic violence because not many attorneys take cases of such risk and it is therefore advisable to contact a professional.