A Canadian-funded hospital in Syria has been destroyed during an air strike that was, according to an aid agency, deliberate and has forced other hospitals to close. This hospital was in Aleppo, a city divided by Syrian President Bashar Assad government forces and Syrian rebels. The center is one that has received millions of dollars in medical supplies from Canada, but is funded by the United Nations and France

This was not the only hospital which was attacked in Syria. The medical relief agency, known as UOSSM, said that this was the third attack on the hospitals in the last three days. Amnesty International has reported 27 people were killed in one of six attacks on hospitals last week. Of the attack on the Al Marjeh Primaru Center, Dr. Anas Al Kassem, a Canadian surgeon who is the head of UOSSM-Canada said, “Fortunately no casualties, but the area, the buildings, the dentist clinic, have been badly destroyed.”  

UOSSM gives aid to 113 medical centers in Syria and is calling the attacks a war crime. They are asking for hospital and aid worker protection from the international community.  There are about 50 Canadian doctors who are involved with UOSSM, but have been disallowed to work in the Al Marjeh Primaru Center in Aleppo because it is too dangerous an area due to the civil war. It has been reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that at least 200 people have been killed by airstrikes just last week.

"Canadians are outraged by the deliberate targeting of volunteers, humanitarian workers, and medical personnel coming to the aid of the Syrian people.” stated Marie-Claude Bibeau, the Minister of International Development.