When you think about luxury resorts, you don’t ever imagine that something evil could happen to you while you are on vacation. Unfortunately, this was the case of Robert Hall, a Canadian citizen who went on vacation to the Philippines and stayed at a seaside resort. Robert was kidnapped with other four tourists, all of different nationalities.

The terrorist group who took Robert call themselves Abu Sayyaf. They were trying to ransom the captured tourists. It failed with one of the captives and he was beheaded. They tried to exchange Robert for an incredible amount of money from the Canadian government. However, the policy of the country does not allow the government to negotiate with terrorists as this could create a precedent and more attacks in the future. The family tried to offer all the money they could get but the terrorist group would not accept it.

Unfortunately, after months of being held captive, Robert was decapitated. His head was found in front of a Catholic church on a small island not far from the place where he was abducted. Even though the government is making constant efforts to stop the phenomenon of terrorism, there isn’t much they can do. As a matter of fact, it is getting worse day by day.

Two of the four tourists were already killed and the terrorist group is doing everything they can to get money for the remaining hostages, but the governments are not in a hurry to discuss this with them. In the last months, many resorts have advised tourists to stay inside during the evenings and nights and avoid going out alone without a guide, in the cities. Although there are no reported abductions in the past few weeks, everyone is still on alert. Many people are boycotting all travel to the Philippines until the government authorities and police of that country round up the terrorists and put a stop to their preying on foreigners for ransom.