A North Korean submarine disappeared and is presumed to have sunk. The submarine was reportedly operating and patrolling the North Korean coast for several days before it went missing.


An unknown news source from the U.S government stated that the submarine sunk and is not missing. North Korea has not taken any serious measures in looking for the submarine nor have officials indicated that something went wrong. No rescue missions were reported.


The U.S government officials and the North Korean officials have not provided any details as to how the submarine went missing or was sunk due to confidential or sensitive reasons.


Another source from the U.S did not confirm the exact location where the vessel went down, but it was somewhere near one of the North Korea’s bases on the Sea of Japan called the East Sea. According to an analyst expert from John’s Hopkins University stated that “North Korea has three smaller facilities for coastal and submarines and also two primary bases in the East Sea”.


North Korea operates about 70 submarines; most of them are older vessels and have problems with maintenance. They have limited capabilities during war or any other emergencies. The U.S spy satellites, aircrafts, and ships keep watch when the North Korean Navy searches for the missing submarine.


In 2015, about 50 North Korean submarines went missing causing the base to raise an alarm. North Korea has its own domestically produced submarines, the design of which is an old Russian model with limited capability.