Fauna Jackson was last seen on Thursday, August 4th and a large search was started. The 16-year-old from Ohio was volunteering in Wyoming´s Grand Teton National Park. After 24 hours, a group of 60 people were combing the national park in search of Ms. Jackson.  By Saturday, more than 100 people dropped everything and went on the search for her.

Reports say that she said she needed to take a bathroom break, went into the woods, and never came back. Concerns mounted as the mountainous wilderness of Grand Teton had great thunderstorms and near-freezing temperatures one night while she was missing. A great contingent was spread out looking for the teenager.

Ms Jackson was found uninjured 48 hours later, only 4 km away from where she was last seen at a place known as Snake River Overlook.  What happened next has everyone still intrigued.  Spokeswoman from the National Park Service reported that Ms Jackson fled from them.  She was then followed by three rangers and a sheriff deputy who talked to her first, but then had to restrain her. 

She was immediately taken to the hospital where she was found to be unharmed.  However, this is not the end of the story. When she was found, she had actually changed her looks.  Her hair was cut and dyed. A statement from the National Park says that Ms Jackson “changed her appearance by cutting and dying her hair, was wearing different clothes than when last seen, and when approached by law enforcement officials she fled”.

There has been no explanation from the authorities who are still investigating the issue. Ms Jackson herself has not spoken. This brings about many questions.  Did she flee?  Where was she during the 48 hours she was missing? 

Ms Jackson was one of three teens who had been selected by Groundwork USA, a national “green” organization, to volunteer for a nine-day trip to the park.