Texas recently made a law that people can now carry a handgun openly in the streets. This is something lawmakers have been trying to get for the public for many years, and many people though they would never see the day. Beyond that, the decision for this was almost unanimous. Republican governor is happy with this bill being in place. 

Though many people are for this people, there is still a group of people not for this bill. This group has been protesting and will continue to protest. They believe this bill will make people in the public afraid, especially children, because anyone coming up the block can be carrying a handgun. 

The people for this bill let the opposed group know that this law has not been put in place to make people afraid. This law has been put in place so that people no longer are afraid. People will now be able to have protection at all times. The people for this bill also let the opposed group know that anyone with a handgun in public must show it at all times. The gun must be in a visible holster and kept safely on the person. 

The governor believes by putting this law in place Texas is coming into modern territory. Many laws in Texas go back to the civil war days, and the governor does not think people should have to live under those laws any longer. He will do all he can to support this law while he is in office.