It seems like Hawaii has lost its patience waiting for Congress to take action on gun laws. Since the Washington lawmakers opted to put the issue on hold, Governor David Ige of Hawaii took the liberty to sign into law some bills designed to protect the residents from any form of violence as a result of irresponsible gun usage.

The governor of Hawaii proposed three bills but many regarded SB 2954 as the most remarkable. This provides authorization to the county police departments to take control of gun owners by enrolling them in a database dubbed as "Rap Back". It's a federal criminal monitoring system, now under Act 108 from SB 2954.

This act has made Hawaii the first state in the U.S. to enroll gun owners in a system to be handled by the FBI. Through this system, the authorities will be notified if a gun owner has committed and has been arrested for having a criminal violation. The system is capable of tracking the criminal offense no matter where in the country it was committed. The "Rap Back" system will also be used to assess if the gun owner will be allowed to possess any kind of weapon after an offense.

The governor firmly stated in an interview that this bill aims to protect the welfare of the Hawaii residents and the state's visitors. He pointed out that this law will also teach gun owners how to be more responsible for their actions.