The Hungarian government has introduced a series of different economic measures because they wanted to improve and encourage the growth of domestic economy and reduce unemployment.

Citizens of Hungary are now able to get a lot of coupons which they can use in different hotels and hospitality facilities.
This is a great opportunity for both people who are using hotel services and of course for the owners because now they can earn much more money.
This measure gives the opportunity to local caterers to earn a lot of money and encourages people to visit local objects rather than the foreign ones.
The European Commission has received allegations from the foreign companies because they consider that the system is unfair, because they want to take away the profits and they think that the government’s aim is to squeeze out the competition.

There is one more thing, government decided to help homeless people and give them jobs, so they decided to hire them to clean the streets and for that they will be paid.
The salary is not so big, but it is some sort of stimulation, and it is around 250 euros, which is approximately 275 US dollars.
To encourage the population’s increase, natality, they decided that women who gave birth don’t have to work up to six years.
First six months they should receive around 70 percent of their income, then between sixth months and two years they should receive around 50 percent, and after that their income should probably be around 100 euros. Of course that is only if they decide not to work for so many years.