Many countries still don’t want to legalize marijuana because they don’t think of it as something necessary and useful even though there are some medical studies that have shown that marijuana helped so many people in so many ways.

On the other hand State Law in South Dakota decided to be little bit lenient and to let people buy pot.
Of course not everyone can do that, because they decided that people can buy it only on the Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe reservation.
State attorney of the South Dakota said that pot will be available only for people who are not Native Americans.
Even though this doesn’t seem perfect for now, because of these limits, some people are still happy about it, because this decision gives them hope.
One of them is George Hendrickson who has a son Eliyah who suffers from Dravet Syndrome.

Like many others, George thinks that cannabis could help his son with his seizures, because like we already mentioned cannabis did help many people with their diseases.
Hendrickson is a brave man, and a good father, and like any good dad he would do anything for his son’s health.
Although this decision gave him hope, he will continue to seek signatures for his petition to legalize cannabis.

He feels helpless when he wakes up in the middle of the night and when he sees that his son is having his seizures. It is heartbreaking for every parent to see their child in this condition, so that’s why he will never stop fighting.

South Dakota law will not allow non-indian people to buy marijuana, so that’s why Hendrickson is protesting.