Have you ever feared the dangers of interacting with strangers on the internet?

The world of online dating has been expanding rapidly in recent years reaching numbers few ever could’ve predicted. A stigma still clings to the phenomena, however, and one of the strongest fears for many is the potential dangers. In Arizona, these fears might’ve been realized as 3 missing women have been linked to one single man they met online, Robert Carnochman.

Carnochman had met all three women on dating sites in the last few years before they all individually went missing.

Carnochman is considered a person of interest, was apprehended and his residence searched by police who found weapons and aliases. Carnochman was a former Canadian, fleeing illegally to the United States decades ago. He has been put into jail for charges of identity theft and forgery, but the connection to the missing women has not been proven yet. The women remain missing. Carnochman denies any wrongdoing.
The case, although ambiguous and unsolved thus far, opens up a lot of concerns in regards to meeting others online. A high level of skepticism has slowly been navigated by online dating sites to give clients some level of reassurance, but cases like this remind the world of the potential of being in contact with others who mean to do harm. Overall, the message is clear and everyone, male and female, has to take precautions when thinking about meeting strangers that were “met” online. Liars and charlatans are everywhere and just looking for somebody to scam for money or, the worst case scenario, your life.