CDS stands for Controlled Dangerous Substance. It is a legal term in most of the states and it includes a large amount of non-prescription drugs which are illegal to sell, purchase and possess. Cocaine, heroin and marijuana are included in this term as well as any product used to manufacture them.

There are five kinds of penalties on the possessions of such drugs that have no medical benefit and have an ability to cause mental damage as well as addiction. If a person is guilty for the first time the charge is usually a minimum of two years in prison and a maximum of five years in prison. And the fine charged against the offenders can be up to ten thousand dollars. However,in special cases like possession of controlled dangerous substance near a school or public area or selling to minor scan result in double fines and imprisonment for a longer period of time.

If the offenders have a history of such crime then the charge can even be tripled and an extra amount will be charged in addition to the fines and imprisonment. If a person is found guilty of possession of a controlled dangerous substance for a second or third time then he is likely to spend fifty years in custody along with an increased charge of twenty-four thousand dollars and a high work rate of almost fifty percent before parole. A person charged with possessing of drugs in any state will then have a criminal record and as a result will not be able to have a good career or a job in the future.